Eggs and Grits

In the backseat on the way home

I wasn’t joking about the pigs either.

I couldn’t introduce the newest additions until I had the names solidified. Eggs was instant, but we went through Cobbler, Pancake, Muffin, Toast…yadda, yadda. Yeah, I have a very weird sense of humor when it comes to naming livestock.

We’ve had a series of jailbreaks/attempts/evading arrests around here recently. Last night, we had a baby turkey in the closet. Well, former closet. Now it’s just kind of an alcove where the closet wall used to be and the as yet to be installed (still boxed) dishwasher is being stored. This morning, while changing water and feeding, another decided to flee while my back was turned. I suspect it was the same one.

If it wasn’t lightning up a storm, I’d be hauling metal water troughs around and getting them set up in the barn. But, you know, there is that whole fear of being struck by lightning, soooooooo, um, no.

We kept the calves in this morning (see above re: lightning) because well, they’re kind of stupid when it comes to coming out of the rain. Bacon is too young to risk getting all wet and pneumonia-y. I can hear them rattling the cattle gate chain trying to stage their own jailbreak.  It could be because the goats are frolicking around and teasing them.

We won’t even talk about the sneaky goats and wily geese. I think I have a group of misfits over here.

In their temporary housing

At least this rain is giving me an excuse to knit and avoid driving nine million miles for blood work. I may even use it as the reason I take a nap later.

What are you doing today?

Happy Thursday y’all!



5 thoughts on “Eggs and Grits”

  1. What sweet little piggies!
    I didn’t think turkeys were smart enough to stage an escape. I’ve heard they can drown themselves in the rain. o.0
    Rain on the roof is a super sedative…have a good nap! 😀


  2. Cute little guys and names. I hope you got some good napping and the inmates settled down. I did the afternoon spinning group (very nice). Now I’m having a quick supper and going to the local quilt group meeting. o.O All this social activity! Good thing I’m going to be alone for most of tomorrow.


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