A cow in the trunk and two pigs in the backseat


Meet Bacon! (I typed meat first, which technically…) He’s a 4 week old Jersey that we’re going to sell in the fall. Don’t you just love that little heart on his forehead?

For all the complaining about the work that goes into starting/ having a farm, there is something cool about being able to barter a couple of chicks, some ducks, 6 turkeys and 6 rabbits for a cow and two pigs.

I briefly considered 2 Jacob sheep instead of all that, but it makes more sense financially to go with the calf and pigs for right now. Plus, it would be a whole new learning experience. At least Texas and Boomhauer* have a bit of experience with pigs.

That’s what I did yesterday. Along with getting feed, stocking up on gas for the tractor (I really need a gas tank on my truck), getting a flat and being treated like a helpless woman twice. Bless their hearts. They were both older gentlemen and it was very sweet and I am appreciative. I’m just  used to getting things done and not always relying on someone to “save me”.

I mean, I had my first job at 13 and my own checking account at 16. Before that it was one of those Passbook savings accounts. Do they still have those? Are any of you old enough to remember them? Or is it just me?

Anyway, no sock knitting occurred yesterday, but wait until you see what I did accomplish this week.

Happy Saturday y’all!

* Boomhauer is our “neighbor” who actually lives about a half mile or so – not counting the driveways- away. His acreage is across the road from ours and it is often his horses that are wandering around. I can only understand about one word in twenty when he is speaking. Between the thick East Texas accent and the oil field accident that messed up his face, I’m lucky I get that far. I totally need Texas to translate.


6 thoughts on “A cow in the trunk and two pigs in the backseat”

  1. Bacon is a sweetHEART! Love his forehead too!
    Sometimes it is nice to be treated as a helpless woman (tire repair)…other times (when you have an opinion about most anything) it’s more than annoying.
    I think Passbook savings might still exist here in our little bank.
    Happy weekend!


  2. I dunno what a passbook savings is, but that is prolly cuz I don’t save. I leave that to Jeebus.
    I am reasonably certain I would need a passport to visit you. O.o


  3. I know exactly what passbook savings is, I had my first bank account (well, credit union account) when I was 5 😀

    I am totally amused to see what you meant by having a cow in the trunk. Mooooooooooo!


  4. That little Bacon is so cute. ;D So, did one of the pigs ride shotgun? /skips away

    I love barter. I’m no good at it but I love it anyway.

    Oh yes, passbooks do still exist.


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