Manic Monday – Memorial Day Edition

Sometimes it is good to have someone to talk things* through with. Sometimes, that person may end up regretting it. I now have ALL the perky!

So much so, I decided to tackle this mess:


And turn it into this:


Before noon. On a Monday. Granted, it is a holiday Monday, but we can just skip right over that part.

And, we won’t talk about how it got that bad to begin with. Luckily, there were quite a few unpacked boxes from over a year ago, so it moved pretty fast. I was also able to recycle some clothing that is now too big.

Just ignore the fact that I may be anal enough to not only hang my t-shirts, but also to organize them by color. Be glad I didn’t go full throttle and iron them today too.

≡  ≡  ≡


Hey look! One finished sock! It’s hanging out with the one that I cast on for this morning for the first day of Summer of Socks. I don’t know where this is going.  At the end of the summer I’ll either have a couple of  pairs of socks or a bunch of yarn balls attached to needles. You know me.

With the cockamamie scheme I came up with, I could totally make a schtick out of this Manic Monday Sock thing. But that would be stealing and we don’t do that.

≡  ≡  ≡

Happy Monday people! Go forth and enjoy the week!

I’m going to try to find where the awesome post I wrote went to. Have you seen it?

*Things just ended up being an over-the-counter thing that was making me  feel all drunk and disorderly for half the day.

8 thoughts on “Manic Monday – Memorial Day Edition”

  1. Perky girl!!

    We did some unpacking today, and laundry. T-shirts go on hangers because if they didn’t there would be no room for them!! But I don’t arrange them in any particular way. I’m not enough OCD, I guess 😀


  2. Impressive! I have my clothes AND my books arranged by color. One is helpful and orderly, the other is…whimsical? Eccentric? Stupid?

    I am intrigued by your one set socks.


  3. A clean closet AND a start of a sock…all in one day?!? Wow! Perky for sure!
    I hang tshirts too. Mainly because that is my wardrobe and if I didn’t the closet would be mostly empty. And I also hang them by color. No ironing tho…kinda hate ironing…


  4. Work tshirts get hung, ratty weekend tshirts get folded. I would hang all my clothes if I had more rod space. Damn, I shoulda thought about a sock today.


  5. Separate first by purpose, then by color. 😀 ‘Course purpose is not so defined anymore so I have a closet crisis.

    You almost had me buying more needles.


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