Did you know that cows will cry for their babies if you take them away?  It happened at the neighbor’s place yesterday morning. The truck had about 20- 30 calves on it. At first it was sad hearing them cry. And then they Take a moment and imagine it, 20-30 momma cows bellowing for over 24 hours.


But then you also have fence-rows full of honeysuckle.  With horses in the background. I had the wrong lens with me, or I could have gotten some better pictures of them frolicking.


Or adorable goats. Including Ernest the Escapee. He spends his evenings curled up with Cheddar. If we don’t get to the pens early enough, he’s usually outside teasing the other goats.

In Mega May news, I got nothin’. Well, nothing finished. You would thing with the huge 35’s that I’d be done by now. I suppose I could have been, but I’ve been “enjoying” my alone time by preparing for at least 23 day old birds (turkeys and geese), gardening and playing with baby bunnahs.

The only really fun part of that last sentence was the baby bunnah thing.

At least my Mega May thing doesn’t have a deadline.

What are you doing for Mega May?

Happy Wednesday y’all!

7 thoughts on “Mooooooooooooo”

  1. Yup. Mama cows get pretty unhappy when their babies go bye bye. And they are loud about letting you know how they feel!
    Mega May? Well, it’s gonna be Mega Times Trying for me. I have some Malabrigo Lace that I’ve tried several patterns on. Finally on the 5th try I think I found one that will work. Phew!


  2. That is sad, but it is a farmer’s life. I hope you had really good earplugs.

    Funny Ernest. 😀

    No Mega here….I’m just trying to get used to having a new routine to do any crafty stuff. But soon!


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