The tractor is running!

I spent some time on it yesterday when I got home from the lake.  I think I’m happy about that. It will be even better once someone replaces the old seat. It’s a tad bouncy for my bad discs.

I forgot about that part and may have done too much.


Today, while I am recovering, I’m playing Fire Marshal Squishy. I was a bad blogger and forgot to take before pictures of this section. I did get pictures of the next part, but I doubt we’ll get to burning that today.

Well, he kind of set fire to all of the underbrush. *ahem* Apparently I failed as a fire marshal.  Next time, I’ll make him go to the house for drinks.

Or take the accelerant and matches with me.

What did you do today?


6 thoughts on “The tractor is running!”

  1. I burned weeds too! Yippee!! Alas, I only had a small propane wand and didn’t actually set anything alight, but it was still entertaining. I did wish (a LOT) that I could burn the big piles of dead leaves in the yard, though…


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