Eye Candy 03

cookie brandy

Cookie is on the left. Her sweeter and meeker sister is on the right.

Have you ever tried to photograph  herd of ducks? (Yes Toni, herd is the proper word)


First they run this way.


Then they run that way.

They are in no way cooperative. Ever. Unless you have treats in your hand. Oh and yes, that is a plastic ball in the background. Yes, my livestock have toys. And plenty of treats.  A head of cabbage this morning as a matter of fact. Which they treated like a ball until the chickens stepped in. They promptly started ripping it to shreds.  Which made the ducks happy too.

We won’t speak of what happened in the other pen with the geese and their head of cabbage. O.o Dexter makes less of a mess.  Just sayin’

I’ve chased Texas out of the house today and if my bank’s website cooperates, after I pay the bills, I will have some knitting time.

I need to get my wins where I can this week.

Happy Friday y’all!


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