Report from the front lines

There was this whole, big post I started in L.A.  Let’s just say, I had an awesome time, met new people and got a lot of information.  I’ll share more at a later date, but today, I have additions to the prize!!

You already are in the running for all this great stuff:

  • A beautiful leaf motif shawl and itty, bitty things (cupcake, gnome, chicken, zombie and armadillo) from that Sarah!
  • A minion from our Cookie!
  • 2 skeins of Purling Dervish County Road worsted in the colorway Hope Grows.
  • The Hope Grows Cowl

But now, included in that prize pack are the following:

602 yards of 2-ply merino, color Cassis, hand-spun by that machine we all know and love, Cookie.

Your very own copy of Saving Each Other by Victoria Jackson and Ali Guthy. (you can also purchase one for yourself since they are donating their earnings to The Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation)

Saving Each Other: A Mother Daughter Love Story begins just as Victoria and Bill learn of Ali’s disease, starting them on a powerful journey to save Ali, their only daughter, including bringing together a team of more than fifty of the world’s leading experts in autoimmune and NMO-related diseases to
create the Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation.

Told in alternating viewpoints, Victoria and Ali narrate their very different journeys of coming to terms with the lack of control that neither mother nor daughter have over NMO, and their pioneering efforts and courage to take their fight to a global level.

How can you win this fantastic prize package?

  • Donations can be made through October 31, 20112October 26, 2012 at the Guthy Jackson website.
  • Every $10 donated gets you one entry in the drawing.
  • One share of this on your blog or Facebook gets you one entry (let me know you did).
  • You must put Stacey Pope in the purpose section or email me a copy of your donation receipt.
  • Drawing will be done on November 1, 2012

Go forth and donate!  Only 2 days left!

Someday in the near-ish future: fun with elevators, crazy people and first time shot drinkers.

Happy Monday y’all!

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