Hello Spring!


The first day of Spring was brought in with severe storms over night.  I suppose that 5 to 7 inches of rain is far better than the snow that the Salt Lake City girls have.

I thought we only had one creek, but all this rain has shown two. We really need to move some dirt around.

We won’t even mention the river that is the driveway. Did I mention that Texas found a catfish in it after the last rain? That means the current pond has fish in it! Now to clear a path to it.

Since we can’t get out of the yard, I see a day full of couch sitting, movie watching and knitting.

Happy Spring y’all!

5 thoughts on “Hello Spring!”

  1. That looks awesome. We got hail on Sunday when we were unloading my storage unit. Catfish in the driveway? I would have to move. That means they’re figuring out ways to come on land and get you.


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