I forgot what Thursday was for

So I’m declaring it random. HA!

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

Knits in the wild

¤ I knit. Who knew?

¤ For some reason, I can’t sleep past 530 am. This is starting to get annoying.

¤ Texas and I both had aggravating days yesterday, so I said I really wished I could have gone to Knotty Girls. He said he had such a bad day he needed to go to the yarn shop too. I think the ever growing stash fumes have finally permeated his brain.

¤ There is a stain on the deck that looks like old blood.  I’m tempted to draw a chalk outline and point out to people that this is what happens when I get pissy.

Froggy morning

¤ We’ve had cooler weather here and I’ve finally gotten my internal house temp down to 60F.  WOOT.  If this keeps up, I’m gonna build a fire in the fireplace.

¤ If you’re dealing with Texas’ mortgage company, you can’t get an address to send an insurance check to without “authorization”. An address.  Seriously.

¤ Despite the fact that I had one under my maiden name and I used the new name when I called them.  Which then voided out the old authorization. Apparently, being able to pronounce and spell that Polish disaster was not enough.

¤ Insurance check? Since you asked, we had a little leak. By little I may mean water pouring in the house. There are some hail damage issues with the roof. We’re thinking of going with metal.


¤ Veriz@n and I had another go-around too.  ARGH. I want to give you more business and money, can you make it easier? Please?

¤ I have Violent Femmes running through my head and can’t get rid of them.

¤ Did you know that if you wait until the day before someone is supposed to fly, that  you just might not be able to get tickets for them?  At least through your craptastic “business travel” site.  Funny how I can find flights to get Texas home tonight, but his company can’t. Instead of three days, he gets 40 hours.  Yep. 40 straight hours at home.

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

I’m off to go sniff some fumes at Knotty Girls.

What are you doing today?

6 thoughts on “I forgot what Thursday was for”

  1. Yes I would love to come play today! Late afternoon ~ 6ish at the ususal spot…
    Love this picture. I think you need some “crime scene tape” also for the “spot”.
    I can’t seem to sleep past 3:19am, so I just came to work.


  2. Love the randomness!
    Great planter boxes.
    You’re joining the Margene early-riser club.
    Does your yarn shop serve wine? That always helps get the hubbies over there.
    Chalk outline. *gigglesnort*
    Love the foggy photo!
    *#^*$ the mortgage company and Verizon. And the stupid travel people, too.


  3. I would be definitely tired of getting up that early. In my opinion, there shouldn’t ever be an option of a five thirty am!

    I always booked my own travel when i worked in an office. I just always chocked it up to being better at the Internet than a bunch of adults. In my next job, although there was no travel, it was discovered much the same was true. We had an inservice on why you can’t click on pop-ups. For like an hour. Seriously.

    Would a metal roof make the house hotter? It would lower the fire danger, so I wonder if the insurance would give you a discount, once they decide that your super secret approved mailing address is legit.


  4. I’ve been seeing a lot of metal roofs lately. The radio commercial sounds like it is a good deal, but, of course, it is a commercial.

    Umm, and how do you know what old blood looks like……

    I hope your week goes better than the past one.

    Love your planters and the froggy lake.


  5. I’ve been waking up then myself. I should get up and go walk/exercise but instead, I’m drinking coffee and reading while Hez snoozes and cuts off the circulation to my leg.

    the Violent Femmes! I haven’t thought of them in YEARS.


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