Waco…um, I mean San Antonio Day One…erg Seven

Yeah, I don’t know what happened to the past couple of days week either. I know I have pictures to download. I just have to get there.

Texas ended up having to work for a bit on Sunday before we made our way to San Antonio. We shall not speak about the fubars that occurred at the hotel when we first got here. O.o

Today Monday, I swam, did a grocery run and bought tickets to SeaWorld and Six Flags. My friend Jenny is on a bus headed this way as I type arrived late Monday night. YEAH! It’s her birthday next Monday, so Texas is paying paid for her room and I’ll have I had some one to play with while he’s working he worked.

Because, really? There is only so much fun you can have by yourself.

In the four days she was here, we did SeaWorld, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Schlitterbahn and Riverwalk/ Alamo. We crammed about eight days of vacation into four. I had an awesome time, felt like a kid again and made some great memories. Now I need the next week to recover.


Happy Saturday y’all!

P.s. Carrie K! For some reason, your email addy is wrong in the comments and I can’t make it right when I try to respond. I am not ignoring you. Well, maybe a little cause Hez sez to.

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