If I could turn the page in time


  • Project: Jackie Oh!
  • Designer: Sam Sarah
  • Start: 7 Oct 2010
  • Finish: 21 Oct 2010
  • Mods: Used Gentle Art Simply Shaker Fragrant Cloves, Gentle Art Sampler Threads Burnt Orange and Weeks Dye Works Celedon instead of the called for Crescent Colors.
  • Thoughts: Really should have been a quick stitch, but with the traveling and general blechies, took a little longer. I actually finished most of it in one day of flying and the nice man in the seat next to me helped to separate the strands when I needed a new one.  Kindness of strangers and all that. Since this one is a gift and I love Halloween, I may make one for myself.
  • image

Happy Friday y’all

7 thoughts on “If I could turn the page in time”

  1. That is too effing cute. Are we loving the cross-stitch? Do we only like little light projects or do you perchance want a kit or two from before I cut myself off from my eBay addiction?


  2. Love it!
    I used to cross-stitch – still have buckets of thread and aida and patterns tucked away somewhere. But knitting and spinning seem to take up all my time now…


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