Take No Prisoners Tuesday: I think I’ll call it a draw

not going to jail food

Supplies.  I haz them.

01.  This may be the only thing that keeps me from going over the edge today. Srsly. (scroll over the picture to see the title muwahahah)

02.  I’ll be making the maple bacon cookies again and trying the pull apart bacon bread look about halfway down the page

03.  I may or may not share them with the Skinny PC and Large Meat Product when I go over for dinner tonight.

04.  Yeah, it’s that bad right now.

05.  But I have bacon and chocolate and weapons.

06.  Everyone, say hi to the really nice chicky from the Texas Tollways thing in Austin who was really helpful and nice yesterday.  And who is a knitter.  I forgot to ask if she had a blog or a Ravelry name.  She said she was stopping by.  Think I should have warned her we’re all a bunch of wierdoes?

07.  I have learned that 160 characters is not nearly enough room to express my anger and outrage and think that the cellphone companies need to give us more space to write texts.  Because sometimes? I don’t have to “suck it up, buttercup” and maybe

::: stopping thought right there before I stroke out ::::

08.  Zombies will eat your brains.  (oh, and the game is not on facebook /pout )

09. I love my little post office man.  He’s almost a male version of Cookie.  O.o

10.  Despite all of the stuff in the picture, I stopped by the gym on the way home to reactivate my membership since I was cleared to go. (well, with a billion restrictions, but still)

13 thoughts on “Take No Prisoners Tuesday: I think I’ll call it a draw”

  1. Supplies in place of a Bail Fund collection? Thanks for the cookie linkie. Nice to be able to go to the gym despite the rules. Happy for you. 🙂


  2. Hello, Texas Tollway Chickie!

    I googled and they said the Zombies were on facebook. Or that everyone on facebook was a zombie. Now I’m not use.

    Postal employee like me? Oh my…



  3. Hi, Texas Tollway Chickie!

    We’re all a bunch of weirdos? Wha????

    Srsly 160 characters is often not enough room to express my “opinions”. I vote we write congresspeople N shit.


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