UM, I never promised you an FO

I did promise Cookie (and maybe Angie) one, but well, it’s going to have to wait until they figure out this new hell that has been bestowed upon me.

≠  ≠  ≠  ≠  ≠

Texas was home when the last UM came out, so here we go:

  1. Yacht :: three hour tour , club
  2. Paula :: Abdul, Abdul
  3. Delete :: destroy, cover up
  4. Auto :: pilot, technician
  5. Obsolete :: archaic, half the stuff I work with
  6. Dedicated :: to another, yes
  7. Old :: and decrepid, feel like
  8. Convince :: persude, myself
  9. Poster :: concert, child
  10. Erase :: from my memory, dark spots and wrinkles

≠  ≠  ≠  ≠  ≠

Since it’s Monday and he left yesterday and I’m in no mood to be happy and chipper and cheery, here’s my contribution to Manic Monday:

Do you read an actual print newspaper? If so, how often? Yes.  Not often as the crap they call a newspaper here is not worth the  paper it’s printed on.  Occasionally, I’ll get a Sunday paper or if there’s a good front page story.

What is your main source of news? Bloggers?  Friends?  If I’m talking to someone and they say “have you heard” I’ll usually go look it up.  Or if I’m flipping through the channels and see an interesting story or “breaking headline” I’ll stop.

Do you believe that it’s possible for the media to be unbiased? Not anymore.  Sure, there may be reporters out there that try to be unbiased, but the networks decide which way the story is going to go.  Plus there’s the whole phenomenon of the media sensationalizing every.single.little.thing.

≠  ≠  ≠  ≠  ≠

Happy Monday Bitches.

6 thoughts on “UM, I never promised you an FO”

  1. Um, well, YEAHHH, you did promise me a FO but you didn’t say when, so we are cool.

    Nice to see the pink and blue. Here’s hoping employment for Blue materializes much closer to home asap.

    *gigantic* hugs


  2. Someday all the WIP’s will be FO’s. Given enough time.

    Most newspapers are crap today. Even the SF Chronicle shrank its size and barely has any news. Good thing they still run Willie Brown’s column and have book reviews.

    2009. Year of the Old.


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