But the red ones have the best flavor!

What I’m allowed to eat on Monday:

lake 007

I asked if vodka counted as a clear liquid and Doogie (the doctor) thought I was kidding.

So I’m making up for it today:

lake 008

Ok. Fine.  I’m not really going to eat it all.

I was voluntold that I was baking for DeathWatch 09*, so I spent the morning playing in the kitchen.  One of each went to the neighbor, the other pie went to my mom and I’m saving the other pan of brownies for a faceplant later.

Y’all have no idea how hard it was to give away that other pan of brownies.

Happy Weekend y’all!

*The crazy little neighbor that has been in a coma for almost three weeks was taken to hospice earlier in the week.  Believe me, she’d be the first to be joking about all of this.

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