Sometimes I even confuse myself – Eye Candy

I know, it doesn’t take much, does it?

Since I did a Walk with me Wednesday post yesterday, I was ready to do  Love Thursday and then realized… it’s really Friday.

Which means I can show some of the coolest eye-candy ever! (well except if I was posting a picture of SSCLD.)

Texas 158

Yeah.  Knitting.  It was happening.  On a physical therapy day.  We won’t mention the use of drugs and the IF machine, but I needed to knit… and knit I did.  I also added about 8 rows after the picture.

I would have done some weaving, but just like I can’t throw away a yarn… SSCLD can’t throw away old toolboxes or tools and I’m awaiting the movement of about 5 toolboxes off what is going to be my warping table.

Sounds impressive.  A warping table.  Oooooh. Don’t get too excited.  It’s really two sawhorses and a piece of plywood.

Texas 146

My very awesome knitting spot in the morning light.  Of course this was taken about 7 a.m. and it is far too cold to be sitting out there.  But I do love how the morning sun lights up the leaves.

Yes, I take photos at 7 a.m.  When I doing my morning walk around the land with Katie.  Ooooh… I’m getting so healthy on y’all.  (not)  Texas leaves for work around that time and so I don’t hang onto the bumper of his car saying “don’t go” have a little quiet “change of pace” time, I go for a walk.

And take about eleven jillion photos.  Thankfully, someone invented the digital camera because I would be so broke if I had to use real film.  Seriously, I take about 200 a day.

Can anyone say “too much free time”?

Texas 099

This photo will really mean something tomorrow when I show you what I was doing yesterday and plan on doing all day today.

Did you follow that one? Because I got a little lost again.

Happy Friday y’all!

6 thoughts on “Sometimes I even confuse myself – Eye Candy”

  1. Lovely photos, as usual. (Bitch.) I mean, yeah, they’re great! You totally deserve that beautiful scenery. (Bitch.) So pretty, and serene, and with your sitting/knitting spot in such a lovely place (bitch) and your warping table (bitch) and loom (bitch).


  2. She’s going to be friendly and nice again she’s had the baby, right? Right?! o.0

    I’m so glad you’re knitting again and wandering around with your camera. I’m curious about the pink yarn. Are you knitting for me?! 😀



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