What else do you give a guy who has everything?

My creation

So, you’ve heard tales of the infamous Dr. E. from both Angie and I. As a way of thanking him for the fun day out shooting, I got him a little box of ammo. Plus it gave me an excuse to go into the gun shop and fondle the cold steel. *ahem* MOVING ON!

bday 003

And what kind of knitter would I be if I didn’t whip up a little cozy to keep it in. You’d all be taking away my knitting card. Of course after this, you may be making this reason #297 to have me committed and taking the pretty little (but sharp and pointy) sticks away from me.

In honor of his birthday, I’m sharing my recipe for Dr. E’s Ammo Cozy. (Soon to be on Ravlery) And maybe cracking into my 6-pack of Guinness – (or maybe the Tequila Rose I got for my birthday) but then I never really need a reason to do that, do I?

Happy Birthday Doc. Hope it’s a good one!

6 thoughts on “What else do you give a guy who has everything?”

  1. I’m already trying to figure out what else I could keep in such a cute receptacle, not being in possession of any ammo.

    Stacey, you are the Martha Stewart of the gun-totin’ crowd.


  2. OMG, Nora’s right. Martha Stewart went redneck. If you start sharing recipes for roadkill and figure out ways to attractively recycle your Old Milwaukee bottles, I’m gonna have to call somebody for an intervention.


  3. What’s wrong with Old Milwaukee? 😀
    It is a nifty little container even if one has no ammo to store in it! Thanks for sharing the pattern, Stacey.


  4. This is such a great little pattern and I’d love to make a few before Christmas but I’m having a problem downloading the pattern. When I click on the download button at You Look all that comes up is a blank page. Any suggestions?? Thanks


  5. This is great, thanks! We are doing a gift exchange at work, and the person who’s name I drew is a retired federal law enforcement type who stilll goes to the range regularly. First thing I thought was “handgun cozy!” but so far I haven’t any luck. I downloaded this pattern from Ravelry, but if you know if any gun cozies would you pass on the info to me about to get them?

    Thanks again for the free pattern!


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