Saturday Sky – Dawn of the Dead edition

wisteria 001

What? There’s sky in that picture.

I tried to take a picture this morning of the real Saturday sky, but it’s only 5:30.

I’m not used to being up this early… especially when not making it home until after midnight.

Whoooboy! I am not 18 anymore.

Shut up.

Today and tomorrow? Wash, rinse, repeat.


I may need some help come Monday.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Sky – Dawn of the Dead edition”

  1. Is that spam? Or copyright theft? Or just random assholes?

    Got pulled over by the highway patrol? ;^) Find an all night coffee shop? There’s a nap later, right?


  2. The wisteria is gorgeous… and it’s never nice to notice that we’re not as young as we used to be. However I don’t *want* to repeat those younger years, so I’ll put up with being tired. lol


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