Eye Candy Friday: Non-stop Edition

The wisteria is going non-stop! Since the weather has been beautiful and my window is open all day, I’ve been able to catch whiffs of it’s scent throughout the day. I still don’t have any blooms on the honeysuckle, but it is growing like a weed. I suppose that’s good?

wisteria 005

Other things going non-stop?

The sewing machine. We’ll see how this all turns out. I think I may have to figure out how to fix the one sleeve as it seems like it curls up a bit. Maybe another row of stitches? I have to attach the bottom and put in the elastic (under the bust line) and I’m done! I also may have purchased more fabric yesterday since this is going swimmingly.

BBC America. HELLO!?!?! How can you not love this channel? You are What You Eat, MI-5, Cash in the Attic, How Clean is Your House, Ramsey’s kitchen, Wire in the Blood. Really. I’ve always loved this channel and just realized how much I missed it. Some of the old shows I miss are Monarch of the Glen, Bally Kissangel, Changing Rooms.

Me this weekend. There is a conference I’m attending tonight and tomorrow. Bands are coming in from all over the world and they’re having some great workshops. Even snarky and heartless me is interested.

  • Ethical Consumerism
  • Cutting and Tweeking: At risk youth
  • Hearing the Voice of the Victim
  • Finding Healing through Creative Arts.
  • Water-purification system building thing(no, not the official name)

Someday I’ll chase away readers with more details. One of the best parts of the weekend? I’m meeting Angie! I’m meeting Angie!

::::: BOUNCE, BOUNCE ::::

I may kidnap her and go on a Cookie safari. 😀 I’m thinking if we send yarn on Tuesday, we can head up and stake out the local post office until she picks up the package. We then throw yarn at her until she submits and then make her take us to Babetta.

Think it will work?

8 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday: Non-stop Edition”

  1. I think you are on to a good idea there, Sherlock-Stacey! Add some chocolate to the package and she won’t be able to resist. 😀 We can eat bon-bons and knit lace while we wait for the woman in pink.

    Beautiful wisteria photo! Sounds like an interesting conference.


  2. Just don’t give my mother a heart attack when you jump out at her please. We both have po boxes and take turns going. It makes keeping tabs on her easier.

    Love the flowers! And I’m so jealous that you get to see Angie!


  3. That Cookie thinks of everything.
    Your flowers are lovely.
    We have been DVRing Kitchen Nightmares – I love the BBC version of that show. He doesn’t seem to throw up as much as in the US version.


  4. So we have to put GPS devices in our care packages now?
    And thanks to you, next years plant the wisteria plan may have to be moved up to this year. Yours is just stunning.


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